NASONI elevates the standard for style and performance by crafting a unique selection of quality faucets that evoke sophisticated design elegance. Our commitment to design excellence is a core value of our philosophy that continuously drives the future of our success. But where did this philosophy begin?


NASONI’s Founder, Steve Waddell, began his 25-year career at Newport News Shipbuilding, building the most advanced nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and submarines the world has ever seen. As an Apprentice, he not only graduated with academic honors, but was also awarded the Niels Christiansen Craftsmanship award, the award given to the apprentice that demonstrated the best craftsmanship skills during the 4-year apprentice program. From there, he went on to become a Nuclear Refueling Engineer, responsible for refueling a reactor plant aboard the USS Enterprise, the most complex nuclear refueling effort ever undertaken at the shipyard.

What does all of this have to do with a bathroom faucet?

Great question! In 2015, after getting tired of tilting his head under the faucet to rinse after brushing and thinking “there has to be a better way”, and, after being inspired by Shark Tank, Steve decided to take what he had learned in designing and building the world’s most complex ships, and apply it to reinventing the bathroom faucet. And the results speak for themselves – NASONI’s Fontanina Fountain Faucet is about to become the world’s best faucet, having won numerous awards for its unique, innovative design.

Design and Construction

Outstanding design is about more than simple appearances. NASONI’s design philosophy revolves around making beautifully crafted faucets that perform to the highest possible standards. Accordingly, the factory building NASONI faucets is the same factory producing high-quality faucets for other major faucet providers, and has the following certifications:

– ISO 9001:2008
– GB/T 19001-2008
– CQC qualified for GB25501-2010 (faucet water efficiency), and
– GB18145-2003 (ceramic cartridge faucet production)

At NASONI, we want all of our customers to be thrilled with the visual impact of their fixtures and completely satisfied with the long-term functionality of every product. Our goal is to design and manufacture precisely engineered products that perform flawlessly while complementing a variety of interior styles, from homeowner to hotels suites. Our Fontanina faucets represent the perfect combination of exceptional beauty, flawless functionality, and superior value.

With a commitment to inspired designs and manufacturing excellence, NASONI is leading the way in product innovation and customer satisfaction in the faucet industry. We use the faucets ourselves, and already have the highest expectations when it comes to beauty and functionality of our fixtures. As a result, we ensure our state-of-the-art factory produces faucets that are superior in craftsmanship and performance. Combined with our attention to detail, it’s no wonder NASONI is becoming known for products that are recognized for lasting beauty and unparalleled performance.

We are proud to present NASONI’s Fontanina Fountain Faucet to you with its meticulous, innovative design. We are certain results will speak for themselves.

Company Mission

NASONI’s mission is to build unique, innovative products that solve consumer problems in everyday use. NASONI puts a creative spin on everything we do, offering a refreshing and inspirational change of pace to everyday lives.

NASONI Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple and can be summed up by our tagline: Revolutionary products. Disruptive solutions.We build products for everyday use. We strive for breakthrough solutions and pride ourselves on out of the box originality and creativity.

Water, Earth & A Better Tomorrow

Since its founding, NASONI has recognized the tremendous value of water. Today, with ever-increasing water shortages and the rise of global climate change, we are dedicated to sustaining the environment through the development of high-quality, water-efficient products. Turning on a faucet is an ordinary activity, but now it is an opportunity to save water and reduce CO2 emissions. NASONI will work to meet these crucial objectives, and we sincerely hope that our involvement in green communities leads to better living, and a better tomorrow for future generations.