Discovery Channel’s “Curiosity: World’s Dirtiest Man” Every time you flush a toilet, it releases an aerosol spray of tiny tainted water droplets.

Did you know that when you flush, all the bacteria spreads around your bathroom through the air? In this special episode of “Curiosity: World’s Dirtiest Man”Mike Rowe takes a closer look at the spread of bathroom bacteria. The confirmed myth unfortunately proved that there’s indeed fecal matter spread through the air and landing on all surfaces in the bathroom.


Gross, right? No matter how clean you think your bathroom is, there is very likely a multitude of different germs and bacteria that have taken up residence there. And why not? A bathroom is perfectly suited to a wide variety of bacteria: warm, full of water, and a transport system that enables them to move from your toilet to that cup you rinse with or drink from next to the sink.

Those sink-side water cups we rinse with or drink out of on a daily basis (and don’t get washed often enough) have fecal coliform bacteria in and on them. According to a multiplicity of studies, it’s possible that you be ingesting:

  • E.Coli,
  • Klebsiella
  • Staphylococcus, and
  • Enterobacter Cloacae

Mythbusters and others have proven that germs spread beyond the toilet bowl. So why should you care?

Well, because we all have bathrooms, and we all have toilets, and we all have many other items in a bathroom that get very close to us – like those cups. “Not a problem,” you say. “I use my hands and cup the water.” If you’re using your hands to cup water for a drink instead of a cup, you’ve probably just touched the countertop or the toothbrush handle that are both splattered with aerosolized germs.


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