Hotels are constantly forging forward in hopes of finding the next latest and greatest upgrade or feature that will add class and comfort to their rooms and “wow” their guests. Hotels need modernizations that will be less expensive than a complete remodel but will also help keep their hotel on top of the industry.

Enter a New Age With New
Inventions to Keep the Industry on it’s
Developmental Toes

Yesterday, the curved shower curtain rod was the big change that revolutionized hotel bathrooms. Today, the NASONI Fountain Faucet is poised to be that next big breakthrough change. Besides both objects being found in the bathroom, what does a curved shower curtain rod have to do with the NASONI Fountain Faucet? NASONI is the next big “curved shower curtain rod” that will set your guest’s bathroom experience apart from every other. It combines the function of a bathroom faucet with the utility and innovation of a drinking fountain. Why? Just think:

It enhances the guest experience by providing the easiest way to rinse after brushing or taking medicine before going to bed; even rinsing one’s face becomes effortless!

It’s at the intersection of where inventive and functionality meet – it presents the “Wow” factor to your guests who will want one of their own

It’s hygienic & environmentally friendly — no more dirty glass OR plastic cups needed in the bathroom!

Dirty Secrets About Hotel Drinking Glasses?

Speaking of hygienic, in 2008 teams of journalists placed hidden news cameras in hotel rooms in a range of randomly-chosen hotels in the Atlanta, Georgia area (similar studies have been carried out in other locations and countries, including Canada). Hotel types ranged from the mid-priced business hotels to top of the line luxury establishments (5 star). A blatant disregard for hygienic practices that could lead to serious infection was observed in many of these hotels when housekeeping staff cleaned (or didn’t clean, as the case may be) the drinking glasses in the hotel bathroom.

In each of these hotels, time and time again, housekeeping staff was caught on film either rinsing the drinking glasses (in preparation for a new guest) with water only, or washing them with industrial cleaner labeled “do not drink.” They never made it to a dishwasher!  What reliably sanitizes dishes is high heat, at temperatures greater than most people can stand. Past 145 degrees Fahrenheit, as in a dishwasher, water easily and quickly kills bacteria. The problem with hand washing, even if it was done in a more hygienic manner, is that it is nearly impossible that your hands could actually withstand temperatures conducive to sanitizing, as most people can’t handle water temperatures over 104 degrees.

And in other cases, dirty bath towels – from the previous guest – were used to dry the glasses after their perfunctory rinse in tap water. Another film clip showed hotel staff wearing latex gloves cleaning the guest toilet and then proceeding to rinse the drinking glasses, without changing the gloves.

We all understand that some of the principal routes for spread of infections include contact with infected persons or contact with articles of bedding or clothing that have been contaminated by an infected source. Numerous infections are spread by respiratory secretions, like those that may contaminate a drinking glass. Other serious diseases are spread by the fecal-oral route, in which contaminated fecal matter (think about the toilet-cleaning gloves or drying the glasses with bath towels) comes in contact with something (for example, a glass) that touches the mouth..

While not all viruses and bacteria are hardy enough to live for extended periods of time on contaminated surfaces such as a drinking glass, many of them – including those that can cause serious or even deadly infections – are. A limited list of common infections that could be spread by these incorrect hygiene practices includes (but not limited to): Cold viruses (common cold) Influenza (flu), E.-Coli, Hepatitis A, Staphylococcus (staph infection) and Streptococcus (for example, skin infections, sore throat, strep throat, and scarlet fever).

This is a limited list of infections that might reasonably be found in the U.S. population. When one also considers the infections that may be brought in by foreign travelers, the scenario is even scarier!

What did the hotel industry do in response? Replaced the glasses with plastic cups wrapped in plastic. All added costs and added waste. And since it has been many years since the video aired, many hotels are now switching back to glasses, and the same problem can re-occur.

NASONI’s Fountain Faucet offers the perfect solution, by eliminating the need for a cup in the bathroom in the first place. How? Through our faucet’s innovative fountain solution. Never before has it been so easy to add a water fountain to a bathroom, and bring the convenience of it to homes, hotels, and more.

What Else?

We all want to do our part in making the world a better place—the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency even started a program to reduce hotel water consumption called the H2Otel Challenge. Now, with the NASONI Fountain Faucet, hotels can save cost and water by not only saving in towel washings but by using & stocking less glasses in the bathrooms, not to mention those disposable cups wrapped in plastic; what a waste.

It used to be that ‘Bigger is Better’ when it came to hotel room design. However, today’s standards are shifting. David Ashen, founder of dash design who works with Marriott, says, “Now the luxury is in the fixture and not the size.” We couldn’t agree more – luxury is in the fixture.

Luxury and Fixture
“All in One”

NASONI’s newest faucet is that “luxury and fixture” all in one. It saves counter space and adds utility along with beauty and sophistication that one expects when you hear the word luxury.

Hoteliers who are looking for the latest and greatest in innovation that will set them apart from the competition will want to take a serious look at the NASONI Fountain Faucet. If you’re interested in learning more about NASONI’s revolutionary bathroom faucet, please contact us today.